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The Best Birthday Gift Ever Shark Nv 360

I believe all women that are married and have a full-time job want to have more free time to pamper themselves. However, workload together with domestic work is always putting tremendous pressure on wives. I am lucky to have my husband by my side who is willing to share all the tasks with me. And one of the ways he can do that is by giving me technological devices that help cut down on household chores and give family members more free time. Last birthday, he gave me a Shark vacuum NV360 , which was a powerful vacuum cleaner, as a present. Needless to say, I was blissful to receive his present.

Why did I need help with my new house?

To introduce a bit about my family, my husband and I married in 2019 and since then, we have always dreamt of moving into our first house. After having saved up for such a long time, we finally achieved our goal in 2020. Our first apartment is spacious and so well-equipped with all the cutting edge home appliances. We are satisfied with our new home except for one small thing. The house is too spacious for me to clean up every week. Also, because we’re both book lovers, so when designing the house, we decided to have a multi-level bookcase high up to the ceiling. This provides us enough space for our book collections and also adds a remarkable feature to our living room. However, this high bookshelf causes big trouble, which is the difficulty in cleaning dust due to its overhead height. I really couldn’t think of any solution until my birthday.

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How did Shark NV360 come to me as a surprise?

It was a quiet evening when our guests at my birthday party all left for home. There was only my husband and me, and I was busy arranging the dishwasher. Suddenly, he called me over to give me something. He said he had thought for so long and one day there had been a bright idea coming up in his head. He knew what to give me as a birthday present and was quite sure I would be in love with it. So curious was I that I tore the wrapping paper immediately. To my surprise, it was a Shark navigator lift away upright vacuum, which I always wanted to have but I did not afford yet. This blue shark vacuum was an upright vacuum cleaner, which was easy to clean the house in any direction. I think it is best for not only floor cleaning but also overhead clean-up like our multi-level shelf. The selling point of this product is that I can detach the canister, so it is much easier for me to clean the stairs because I no longer need to bring the whole vacuum cleaner along. Another good point of Shark navigator lift-away deluxe professional bagless vacuum NV360 is that it is easy to maneuver, lightweight and so powerful. Once it is fully charged, it can complete any tasks over a long period of time without requiring any pauses for recharge.

So since then, the cleaning up job doesn’t bother me anymore. In contrast, I even think it is a fun activity that both my husband and I can do together every weekend. I highly recommend all households should have one vacuum cleaner like our Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum  to make housework less arduous and have more free time with family at weekends.


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