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Ace House Cleaning Chores with These 6 Best Stick Vacuums


House cleaning often consists of tiring, and time-consuming chores. For corners and hard-to-reach places in the house, a stick vacuum cleaner will often work better because of its lightweight and compact size. However, not all vacuum cleaners are up to the tasks when especially when confronted with large floors or big carpets, littering them with the pet fur and all other varieties of dirt. In such a scenario, a good vacuum cleaner is not just convenient, but indispensable.

With the advancements in manufacturing of high-performance motors and batteries, best rated vacuum cleaners  are becoming available to consumers. But it also means buyers can be easily hit with low-quality product, or worse, counterfeit products that cost as much as authentic ones. For that reason, to save you valuable time and a lot of head scratching checking out stick vacuum reviews, we have put together this guide for the 6 best stick vacuums that provide suction power like there is no tomorrow.

1. Dyson V7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V7 Moorhead cord-free vacuum is an outstanding improvement from the already good Dyson V6. It has been specifically designed to work effectively on all floor and carpet types, thanks to the direct-drive cleaner head that drives bristles deep into the carpet to remove stubborn dirt. On top of that, with its low-profile head and ability to work as a handheld vacuum, there aren’t many places you can’t use the Dyson V7 with. It is simply one of the best cordless stick vacuums.


  • All Dyson cord-free vacuums can be quickly transformed into a handheld device for cleaning narrow places.
  • Advanced lithium ion battery delivers consistent fade-free power between charges. Up to 30 minute's run time or 6 minutes on max power setting.
  • Direct-drive cleaner allows deep clean of ground-in dirt on all kinds of floors and carpets.
  • Large bin 0.14 gallons that can hygienically dispose of contained dust and debris in one swift action without directly touching any of it.
  • The Dyson V7 has 75 percent more power than the Dyson V6.


  • Some other models from Dyson has better battery life.

2. Shark Rocket Deluxe Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you have ever felt frustrated having to stop multiple times to remove hairs being clogged to the cleaner head, or the motor isn’t powerful enough, overheats and refuses to work, then rejoice. The Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro won’t have trouble with any of these issues. The Deluxe Pro has garnered respectable stick vacuum ratings, with its amazing suction power, high quality attachments that actually work. You are going to love its fantastic quality and power.


  • Multiple attachments can effectively clean both carpets and hard floors. You will be surprised how thoroughly it is able to pick up stuck on debris and embedded pet hairs. Included: handheld vacuum, duster crevice tool, wand, motorized floor nozzle, pet multi-tool.
  • The Deluxe Pro has twice the dust bin size of the original.
  • All heads have LED lights on, which make cleaning in the dark or spotting the debris convenient.


  • As a corded model, it will require a nearby power outlet.

3. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum has an innovative V-shaped head design, that directs the larger debris to the center for suction, while the end of the V head can pick up finer debris on its own. If you need to clean hard floors exclusively, the Power Edge will not disappoint.


  • Strong power and the innovative V-shape design is suitable for hard floors, and can thoroughly suck up debris, litter, large or small without problem.
  • The squeegees at the bottom are made of hair-attracting rubber material that can help to collect more pet hair.
  • There are no moving parts so it is safe to use on hard floors as well.
  • The V-shape of the base and swiveling joint is very convenient for cleaning around the furniture.
  • Easy-to-clean dirt cup and filter.


You should use it on hard floors only. It isn’t designed to work on carpets.

It doesn’t have rolling brush at the bottom to pull out stuff that may be sticking on the floor.

As it is a corded vacuum, it will require a nearby power outlet.

4. Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner

The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum is one of the best stick vacuum cleaners  What is the best vacuum cleaner - The Best vacuum in the world. It is small and compact, which is ideal for apartments, dormitories, or small spaces.


  • Three distinctive heads to easily switch between a stick vacuum, a hand vacuum, or an extended handheld vac.
  • Lightweight and powerful suction power is excellent for both hard floors and rugs.
  • The filter is easily accessed and rinsed after use.


  • The original plastic filter is not very effective.
  • The motor can get a bit hot during operation.

5. Makit Home Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Makit Home cordless vacuum cleaner has superb suction power, while being extremely lightweight. It has multiple heads to work on different surfaces. It could well be the best cordless stick vacuum for hardwood floors, tiles, cement and carpets.


  • With a maximum suction power of 21 kPa, this is a powerful stick vacuum.
  • Very light and quiet vacuum, just under 65 dB.
  • Three unique cleaning heads for multiple cleaning purposes.
  • A washable HEPA filter that can be detached easily.
  • Comes with a stand to store all the pieces, including a spare battery.


  • The flexible head gets wobbly while using on carpet, which causes some difficulties.

Bottom Line

In this review, we went into the details of the pros and cons of six of the top rated stick vacuums  Best vacuum cleaner - Best rated vacuum cleaners that we think will be able to make light work of your daily housecleaning chores. It will be up to your preference, whether you prefer corded or cordless, or if you need them for carpets or hard floors. Whatever it is, the power and quality of these vacuums will not disappoint.



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