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How To Clean Your Stairs With A Vacuum Cleaner

What is the hardest part of cleaning your house?

Even you use the best vacuum on the market; it’s hard to clean stairs. In particular, cleaning carpeted stairs is more complicated than cleaning wood stairs because it requires more care and attention.

If you have a similar issue, keep scrolling down. I will let you know my solution.

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Before starting, I want you to keep in mind some important notes as follows:

Don't go up the stairs with your shoes because you can carry outside messes like soil and leaves inside your house. Your vacuuming process will be more difficult.

For the perfectly clean look, it's better to vacuum more than once times in the same area from many directions. This way helps you kick out 95% dirt and dusty from your floor and stairs.

Making a schedule can help your stairs clean all the time. You can choose a specific day of the week.

Changing the bag or emptying the canister regularly results in greater performance and leads to better cleaning experiences.

You should remove all small visible objects from the cleaning way to avoid getting stuck in your vacuum cleaner.

When buying a good vacuum cleaner for cleaning your stairs, don't choose a bulky model, which is hard to balance on each step.

The guide of cleaning your stairs with a vacuum cleaner

You had better clean your stairs using a cordless vacuum cleaner. It usually comes with a crevice tool, which allows you to reach every corner of your stairs to remove all dirt and debris.

If you need a corded vacuum cleaner to provide more cleaning power, you can choose a stretchable cleaner. This type of machine offers an extension of 15-20m reach. Thus, what you have to do is only put the vacuum cleaner at the beginning of the stairs, then take the hose with you for cleaning each step.


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If your stairs have carpets, you must keep in mind the following things:

Vacuuming can't get rid of some obstinate stains. Therefore, you need to clear up these small spots by applying carpet shampoo.

Now, perhaps your carpets have a lot of excess water, so you have to dry them by a wet or dry vacuum or an absorbent towel. If you skip this step, there might be mold and other contaminants formed from a moist environment.

Note: It takes about 12 hours (a half-day) to dry your stairs completely.

Cleaning stairs requires high performance and maximum safety. Thus, you should invest in the  top 10 vacuum cleaners, which can provide you with a lot of cleaning power. Especially, it’s better if you can expand the height of the hose. You can put your machine in place and move the hose only for cleaning.


If my guide is not clear, you can leave your question in the comment section below. I will come back with a suitable answer. Also, don’t forget to share if you find my post informative.


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